20 October, 2007

The Voice of Season

I'd like to add one more small voice to the reason of Organics. Good for the earth, good for the people. Carrots taste sweeter in my opine, when grown without pesticides. Food feels more nourishing when grown in healthy, living soil.

Granola values to be sure. Love the earth, tread lightly, and harm none. But without the patchouli-scented undertones. Big-city aspirations with small town values. Supports Fair Trade. Loves gardenias. Wants to take-up mushroom cultivation. Believes every cat & dog should be wanted, and cared for. People too, for that matter.

I feel the strain of trying to be resourceful, of walking or biking to destinations, instead of a mindless hop in the ol' minivan. Of trying to recycle, reduce, re-use. Of supporting Green business. Knowing that the extra energy involved in hunting down the proper organic peach is worth the effort. It just tastes better. It feels better

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Eat Fresh, Eat Local said...

Lemons from neighbor's yard, taste great! Especially because they're Meyer Lemons. And the persimmons from mom's backyard (Fuyu) were so tasty!