04 May, 2008

blue penny for your thoughts-- the much delayed update

oh dear. it's been a looooong time since the Blue Penny has posted anything on her dear blog. there's good reasons, and there's some bad ones. one: life has been presenting me with much opportunity and my attentions have been elsewhere developing new adventures for my green empire. two: i've been a terrible time manager, spending way too much time on myspace (www.myspace.com/thebluepenny) making virtual friends and reconnecting with old ones. three: i'm presently head over heels en l'amor, and of course that's taken up most of my time. so kisses to all of you (all two or three readers, thanks mom & co.) four: school. homework. getting good grades. yeah.

i promise to make it up to you. earth day has come & went, but we have Fair Trade Day (May 10) to look forward to, and this Penny promises to post some juicy fair trade tidbits for you by then. also, i've expanded my local business endeavors, not just doing personal eco-shopping and life style consulting but also offering my chef services for those organically inclined. i'll be posting more recipes, and making weekly menus available online soon, as well. so stay posted.

meanwhile, contact me if you're interested in purchasing my wonderful pure beeswax candles, and Miessence Organic skin & body care.

yours most truly,
RQ Bella
the blue penny

"earth friendly, eco-licious"