21 August, 2007

Electric Avenue

Even granola girls have the right to look cool. As a committed non-driver of cars, I've recently upgraded my pedestrian status to scooter girl. Well, technically it's a bike, & it's electric. Tons of research led me to the e-bike of my dreams: an eGo Cycle2 Lx. The company hails from Cambridge, MA, the bikes are built in Taiwan, & they're built to last, & look good to boot. I could get all techy on y'alls, but the eGo website does it better than I ever could, so let me just say, the company is run by good folks, and the bike come with a 10-year chassis warranty. Oh yeah, and I look cool riding on it.

To the eye, it looks like a scooter, and compared to some of the other models out there, looks well made, and sturdy. I actually attach a Burley cargo trailer to the back and do all my shopping with it. I've carried over 100 lbs of goodies on the thing, and it holds up to 6 grocery bags. Not bad for pennies per charge. As for speed, it's legally a bicycle because it goes under 24 mph. Which means this little missy can ride out without a motorcycle licence. And the less time I'm failing driving tests at the DMV, the better.

eGo bikes have made in the news, most recently in a LIVE EARTH appearance. Perhaps you've caught a glimpse of them on Bravo TV, CNN, the Today show, or seen them reviewed in Popular Mechanics or in the pages of Time. I'm surprised they haven't made more headlines, as I seem to be turning heads whenever I'm on the thing. The ride's a definite ice-breaker, and the sporty good looks doesn't hurt. Get a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio on one of these babies & you've got yourself one delicous little Eco-razzi centerfold.

Even without the pretty, these bikes hold considerable attraction. The commuter model (which I ride) comes with head & rear lights, turning signals, a dual braking system, rear view mirrors, a speed/odometer and a horn. Yeah, pretty bitchin'. I should mention I can scoot approximately 20 miles before I need to plug it back in for a re-charge. Any household outlet will do.

For more information, email the nice folks at eGo, and tell 'em Bella sent ya. info@egovehicles.com

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