29 August, 2007

The Spin on Spinach

What's the world coming to folks? Word again from AP, that nearly a year after the E. coli outbreak killing three and sickening over 200 eating spinach, that another spinach recall has been announced. This time the culprit is salmonella, commonly contaminating uncooked chicken, which showed up in 1 of 3 samples of spinach hailing from California. Metz Fresh instigated the recall, even though there have been no reports of illness, and have on hold nearly 80% of the potientially hazardous supply. Over 8000 cases of spinach have been affected distributed in the great 48 and parts of Canada.

What does this mean to those who are trying to eat their vegetables, and why are pathogens normally found in meats making their way to spinach?

No answered founds so far, but the Blue Penny suggests you may consider growing your own.

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