29 December, 2007

Make Gloves, not War

Last year I became a fan of the fingerless glove. They keep you warm enough while still maintaining some sort of dexterity. I just threw out the batch of gloves that faced the guillotine last year (a hatchet job of the fingers done with a dull pair of scissors), and found some fantastic & stylish replacements. They're from Texture clothing, a eco-stylish brand that hails from the Pacific Northwest (if I'm not mistaken: Portland, Oregon), and they're made from hemp jersey knit. They rock. Stretchy, hemp jersey wears like iron and is easy to clean; these fashionabe mitts are made from hemp scraps in Teresa Remple's studio where she also manufactures "farm fresh" functional clothing "with spice." The website is adorable- funky & charming; the clothes are simple, stylish, & built to last. And the clothes look great on real figures, so go ahead and eat that extra serving of sweet potato au gratin. I've got two pair, one a two-toned jazz medley of raspberry & lime, the other a somber victorian ode in charcoal & black. I feel so hep wearing them, fashionable & deliciously eco. You can shop online: http://www.textureclothing.com/

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