30 December, 2007

See Girls on Bikes at Copenhagengirlsonbikes.blogspot.com

Girls on bikes. Sweater girls. Fashionista girls. Girls in tight jeans & brightly colored boots. Girls with short skirts and boots. Girls with leggings & boots. Blue boots, brown boots, red boots. Lots & lots of boots. Leggy blondes wearing high heels riding the apparently bike friendly streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. I've never wanted a danish so badly with my morning coffee. This daily photo blog is inspirational, not just because it's eco-icious, but also from a fashion standpoint, filled with gorgeous street photography depicting a thriving bike culture where you don't have to sacrifice style for spandex. Wowza. It has inspired me to put on my new pair Frye Adrienne Victorian kickers and show that these boots were made for much MORE than just walking. See ya on the sidewalk.

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